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What Tenacious is About

The Tenacious Brand is my own personal branded and designed merchandise. It was created and designed with hopes of inspiring and encouraging others to believe in themselves and the tenacity they possess. That no matter what is difficult in life and no matter how many times we find ourselves in low places,,, there is always progress being made as long as we decide to keep going.

As a rape survivor, I never realized the tenacity I had within me until a very wise and dear person to me pointed it out. I was asked "How did you keep going after such a traumatic experience? How did you find the strength to press forward?" My answer was this... It had to be the grace of God and what He innately gives to each of us. I could not have done it alone without his love, mercy and grace that propelled me even when I felt I could no longer go on. We are built to face and overcome anything!

This is what I hope to share with you. To make you aware of and point out the tenacity that is innately within you. Everyday that you face no matter how hard, you have pressed through. That is your gift, your superpower. You are TENACIOUS...I AM TENACIOUS. ALWAYS +PRESSING FORWARD. 

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